Hi. I'm an independent software consultant, building software that feels easier to sustain each year, leading to flourishing and lasting business.

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Jan 27, 2021Preparing a lemon pie: visualization #drawings
Jan 26, 2021Embarrassingly simple proof of concepts #engineering
Jan 25, 2021Everyday decision making #architecture
Jan 22, 2021The spirit of kaizen #philosophy-of-life
Jan 21, 2021The curious case of if-not #engineering
Jan 20, 2021To buy or to build? #engineering
Jan 19, 2021Honest function inputs #engineering
Jan 18, 2021Coding and writing are alike #engineering
Jan 15, 2021What slows us down when building software? #engineering
Jan 14, 2021We think in conceptual metaphors #writing
Jan 13, 2021Clean code: can we learn from altruism & evolution? #engineering
Jan 11, 2021Does your codebase feel easier to sustain each year? #engineering
Jan 06, 2021Exploring my writing: The subjects of sentences #writing
Dec 27, 2020Exploring my writing: Hedging #writing
Dec 22, 2020Connecting to AWS API Gateway with HTTP #aws
Dec 17, 2020Managing dotfiles with a bare git repo #tools
Dec 16, 2020Adding domain knowledge to code comments #engineering
Dec 07, 2020Drawings for technical explanations: my first steps #drawings


Nov, 2017From a model to production: Software-engineering best-practices


Posts migrated from an old blog. Some are ok, some are, ...well, I'd write them now in a different way.

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