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Marcel Krčah

I'm glad for using 1Password

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In the past month, two things happened to me that made me realize how glad I'm for using a password manager, namely 1Password.

First thing is about a login page. I was searching for a Github repo on DuckDuckGo, and I clicked on a link in the search results. As I was about to fill in the password with a 1Password shortcut, I noticed that 1Password wasn't filling in the login details. How strange, I thought. Puzzled, I looked at the url. And then I saw it—I almost fell for a phishing attack! The url was instead of I knew of phishing attacks, and thought I'd never fell for such a simple trick. Yet, I almost did.

Second thing is about email. As I'm migrating away from gmail, I thought I would check out the spam folder. I usually don't do that, but I thought I'd peek in. One email caught my eye: the email subject was my password. The site must have been compromised and the attacker got hold of my email and password. Fortunately, the damage radius was minimal, as I have generated unique passwords for each site.


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