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Marcel Krčah

Deadlifting 201kg: some recent learnings

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This Monday I celebrated a milestone on my strength training journey. Two years ago, I started strength training more rigorously with my coach Michal. One of the core movements we have been focusing on was a deadlift. We started by focusing on a good technique with a 16kg kettlebell. Over one and a half years of no particular focus, we had progressively moved the weight up to about 130kg. It was in mid-November 2022 when we decided to make the deadlift the key focus, with a goal to hit the 200kg mark. This Monday, four and a half months later, was the day when I did it.

So I'd like to briefly reflect on some things I have observed and learned in these past few months:

Before/After videos #

The first video below is from April 2021 as I started to learn the basic deadlift technique. I'm holding a 16kg kettlebell there. The video below is from this week, lifting 201kg.

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