Marcel's notes

About me

Hi. I'm Marcel. I'm a freelancer, trying to help solve problems with IT. I have experience with organizations in the climate tech, most with EV charge-points and solar panels. I've worked on data analytics, on custom business line software, and on integrations with external services. I try my best to bring simplicity, clarity, and business-focus to the work I do.


  • After I studied computer science at ETH Zurich & Charles University in Prague, I shortly dabbed with academic research in the medical data processing.
  • In search for business impact I then switched to management consultancy. I did operation optimization projects for utility & transportation clients. I stayed for 1.5 years.
  • I then returned back to building software, striking the balance between the business impact & technical challenges.

Technical bio

I've done projects in Scala, Python, Javascript/Typescript, Clojure & shipped to production across the whole stack: backends, frontends, cloud & dev-ops, machine-learning/AI. I haven't done mobile apps nor embedded systems.

I did open-source work back then with Hadoop stack. These projects are not maintained anymore since I moved away from Hadoop. Here are a few older small projects when I was learning Scala & machine learning.

Key influences

These people influenced my engineering & thinking mostly:

  • Rich Hickey, Simple Made Easy. A game-changing influence on my engineering. Also any other of his talks.
  • Nassim Taleb, The Incerto series. Turning uncertainty into advantages. Applicable to both engineering & life.
  • Marshall Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication. How to communicate, applicable also to professional relationships.

Honorable mentions:

Contact me

I'm on Twitter as @mkrcah, and my email address is

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