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Contact me

Hi. I'm on Twitter as @mkrcah, and my email address is m@marcel.is.

What I do

I focus mostly on data-intensive backends for clients in the clean energy & transportation sector. I built monitoring platforms, data warehouses, industrialized AI/ML models & added data-oriented product features. Here are some completed projects:

  • Remotely start & stop an EV charging session; see CNBC news .
  • Monitoring platform for energy production of 20k PV solar systems
  • Data warehouse & analytics for EV charge-points
  • EV charge-point management portal, major contributor to this OCPP/OCPI open-source project
  • Monitoring & predictive maintenance for Boeing 747 electrical system for AirFrance/KLM Engineering&Maintenance, see the press release video (Hadoop)

Marcel did an excellent job in boosting our new Big Data team on Predictive Maintenance here at KLM. Right from the start, Marcel showed great technical skill, involvement, and enthusiasm. Eager to perform and coach the people around him, he kick-started our initial efforts and helped us deliver Prognos - Big Data platform for predictive maintenance analysis."

Wouter Kalfsbeek (Big Data Project Manager at AirFrance/KLM)


  • After I studied computer science at ETH Zurich & Charles University in Prague, I shortly dabbed with academic research in the medical data processing.
  • In search for business impact I then switched to management consultancy. I did operation optimization projects for utility & transportation clients. I stayed for 1.5 years.
  • I then returned back to building software, striking the balance between the business impact & technical challenges.

Technical bio

I've done projects in Scala, Python, Javascript/Typescript, Clojure & shipped to production across the whole stack: backends, frontends, cloud & dev-ops, machine-learning/AI. I haven't done mobile apps nor embedded systems.

I did open-source work back then with Hadoop stack. These projects are not maintained anymore since I moved away from Hadoop. Here are a few older small projects when I was learning Scala & machine learning.

Key influences

These people influenced my engineering & thinking mostly:


If you need help with building the tech products get in touch.