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Marcel Krčah

About & Hire me #


Hi. I'm Marcel. I'm an independent software engineering consultant. I have a strong background in the clean energy sector (solar panels, electric vehicles). I've worked on data and monitoring platforms, custom business line software, and integrations. I focus on bringing simplicity, clarity, business-focus, and automation to the work I do.

Past projects #

Marcel did an excellent job in boosting our new Big Data team on Predictive Maintenance here at KLM. Right from the start, Marcel showed great technical skill, involvement, and enthusiasm. Eager to perform and coach the people around him, he kick-started our initial efforts and helped us deliver Prognos - Big Data platform for predictive maintenance analysis.
— Wouter Kalfsbeek, Big Data Project Manager at AirFrance/KLM

Marcel's enthusiasm to understand the bigger picture and drive to come to the best solutions made it a pleasure working together. Combined with his structured and thorough way of working he is sure to get the job done!
— Joost de Wit, Marketing lead at Sungevity

Short bio #

I studied computer science at ETH Zurich & Charles University in Prague. After flirting with academic research, and management consultancy, I returned to engineering.

I did projects in Scala, Python, Javascript/Typescript, Clojure, and worked with many stacks: backends, frontends, cloud, dev-ops, machine-learning. There was a period I focused on open-source, some examples are here, here, and here.

You can find more on my LinkedIn profile.

Values #

To bring more color in how I approach work, here are things that I value. While I value things on the right, in most cases it is the values on the left that I value more:


Key influences #

These people profoundly influenced my engineering and thinking:

Honorable mentions:

Contact me #

I'm on LinkedIn and my email address is

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