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Marcel Krčah

Tackling confusion with spreadsheet tables

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I think that I have this tendency that when I don't understand something, I try to turn it into a spreadsheet table. Such tables have been a tremendous help for me in tackling confusion and turning it into more clarity and control. So I thought I'll try to share a few real-life examples:

A checklist for system migration

Screenshot 2022-03-03T17.36.png

An overview of who works on what

Screenshot 2022-03-03T17.39.png

Status of a four-month project

Screenshot 2022-03-08T13.46.png

Deciding things

Screenshot 2022-03-08T13.35.png

Update: This idea can be taken further by voting

Coming up with a domain model

Screenshot 2022-03-03T17.49.png

Tackling confusion about grid operator

Screenshot 2022-03-03T18.08.png

I was also happy to find out that Simon Eskildsen touched upon this topic on his blog; where he describes how he started to force visuals into problems to gain perspective.

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