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Marcel Krčah

Tagged “aws”

  1. EC2 Application Load Balancer: Identifying clients by user-agents
  2. Determining total AWS cost of a system using tags
  3. Passing a secret value to AWS Lambda
  4. AWS Athena: Adding yyyy/mm/dd partitions to an S3 table
  5. PostgreSQL vs Aurora PostgreSQL vs Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless
  6. Seting up AWS for test/acc/prod environments
  7. AWS QuickSight: Adding an IAM user
  8. Business intelligence for AWS S3 data
  9. Lessons-learned from a 6-month Typescript/AWS Lambda project
  10. Reading AWS CloudWatch logs with CLI and fzf
  11. Parameterize AWS Lambda with SSM Param Store
  12. Tracking AWS Lambda errors with Sentry (and CloudFormation)
  13. Defining resources conditionally based on environment
  14. DynamoDB: key technical concepts & features
  15. Connecting to AWS API Gateway with HTTP

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