Building custom software with solid foundations

When building software for years to come, foundations are critical. With solid foundations, software can be quickly adapted to unexpected incoming business requirements. With solid foundations, maintenance is easier.



I focus on backend systems and data engineering in the clean energy, utility & transportation sector. I built systems such as monitoring platforms, data warehouses and industrialized AI/ML models. Here's a selection:

  • Remotely start & stop an EV charging session; see CNBC news .
  • Monitoring platform for energy production of 20k PV solar systems
  • Data warehouse & analytics for EV charge-points
  • EV charge-point management portal, major contributor to this OCPP/OCPI open-source project
  • Monitoring & predictive maintenance for Boeing 747 electrical system for AirFrance/KLM Engineering&Maintenance, see the press release video (Hadoop)
  • Industrialized a machine-learning tool for optimizing aircraft hangar scheduling
  • Large refactor of a rule engines for quotes, leading to quick adoption to ever-changing pool of PV subsidy regulations


Marcel did an excellent job in boosting our new Big Data team on Predictive Maintenance here at KLM. Right from the start, Marcel showed great technical skill, involvement, and enthusiasm. Eager to perform and coach the people around him, he kick-started our initial efforts and helped us deliver Prognos - Big Data platform for predictive maintenance analysis."

Wouter Kalfsbeek (Big Data Project Manager at AirFrance/KLM)

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